A Fabulous Flashback to 1920s Weddings

Today’s vintage trends draw heavily from the glamorous 1920s, a decade of over-the-top parties and flapper style (everyone loves The Great Gatsby) — so get inspired by these real weddings from the era!

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Bridesmaids Accessorized with Hats and Garlands

Instead of the traditional bouquet, these bridesmaids of the 1920s carried long garland flowers. This is definitely a style I'd like to see brought back!
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Tons of Flower Girls

This 1920s bride is accompanied by a bevy of flower girls dressed in angelic frocks.
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Butler Held Train

At this royal European wedding, the butler held the bride's oversized to train to keep it from touching the ground.
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Floral Covered Wedding Arch

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Baseball Wedding Cake

The Cake Boss wasn't the first to make detailed cakes in unexpected shapes and sizes. This couple of the 1920s incorporated their passion for baseball into the wedding cake.

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