7 Vintage Wedding Edition Barbies

Whether you were the kid who gave Barbie a custom hair cut or you were a keep-her-in-the-box purist, during childhood there was nothing better to dive under the tree on Christmas morning to find Santa brought you a bright pink Mattel box. Barbie is the reigning queen of many things, fashion, careers, and, of course, fabulous weddings! This holiday season, we’re taking a trip down memory lane with our favorite vintage wedding Barbies.

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1959 Barbie and Ken

Back then Barbie wasn't a blonde and she wasn't shy when it came to makeup, bright blue shadow and a bold red lip compliment her classic look.
1969 Winter Wedding BarbiePhoto: EBay.com
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1969 Winter Wedding Barbie

Winter-time didn't stop Barbie from marrying her one true love or from looking fierce in a fir trim dress and hat.
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1982 Wedding Tux Ken

Don't forget about the groom! Back in the day Ken was so fresh and so clean. In 1982 Ken wore an all-white tux with a morning coat and chic white loafers.
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1993 Dream Wedding Barbie

Barbie fell pret to the early 90s bigger is better mantra with oversized curls. This Dream Wedding Barbie even came with flower children Skipper and Todd!
1996 Wedding Fantasy BarbiePhoto: EBay.com
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1996 Wedding Fantasy Barbie

By 1996 Barbie wore a shoulder-baring neckline, and her hair is more toned down. This time around, Barbie rocks bangs.
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2003 Wedding Wishes Barbie

A more current Barbie flaunts a sleek updo and strapless gown. She was ahead of the fashion trends with an asymmetrical peplum. Barbie gives a nod to her former wedding day style and dons gloves (which you promptly lost as soon as you opened the box).
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2011 Royal Wedding with Will and Kate Barbie

Prince William and Kate's wedding was one of the most exciting wedding events of the decade, and even Barbie was willing to give up the spotlight and let the royal couple have their own special edition.

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