Today Is My One-Year Engageaversary! When is Yours?


It was 4 p.m. on a Tuesday and I was in a meeting at work when a co-worker tapped me on the shoulder and said, “There’s a situation upstairs.”

I pretty much immediately knew that I was getting engaged. (I’m not psychic — we had been talking about it and the timing just seemed right.)

So I walked upstairs to find a little red and green polka-dotted bag sitting on my desk.

Inside was this note…


I ran into the bathroom and my co-workers followed with champagne and little paper Dixie cups. I slipped on the dress (a red dress he had picked out himself at Anthropologie), did up my makeup and said goodbye to my co-workers!

(It looked like this!)

Ben was outside waiting in a red car. That’s when I realized there was a reason for all of the red: When I was a younger, I used to tell my friends that on my first date, I would wear a red dress, get picked up in a red car and go to dinner at Red Lobster.

“Oh no. We’re not going to Red Lobster — are we?” I asked.

“No, I could never do Times Square,” he said. (Phew.)

“We’re going to Blue Ribbon in our neighborhood and we’re going to order the lobster.”

After dinner, we drove from our Brooklyn neighborhood back into the city and over to the Soho Grand Hotel. He was all checked in and in the room was his laptop set up on the side table — along with a bottle of our favorite champagne and our favorite songs playing the background.

He sat me down and explained that he wanted us to tell our story to one another — from how we met and fell in love and moved to New York together to the time we adopted our crazy cat, all the fun vacations we had taken together and more.

THREE hours later, we had recorded just about every story we could think of. And then he proposed. It was weird and awesome and amazing.

(It’s a yellow gold engagement ring with a yellow-orange sapphire.)

Photo: Allan Zepeda Photography

Photo: Allan Zepeda Photography

We took several terrible photos on our iPhones…


We texted our friends and family — and then shot this little video in the morning and posted it to Facebook.

We have enormous families so we also sent an email to both sides of the family. Ben’s email to the family went something like this:

Hi all, 

 After a solid seven years of normal, perfectly happy, loving relationship, I decided to shake things up by asking Anja to marry me last night. She’s into it. We’re engaged.

 Long story of how it all went down, but the gist is…

- Rented a cool car

- Delivered her a dress at work for her to change into, with a note that essentially said, “This is happening now.”

- Picked her up from work

- Dinner at our favorite restaurant

- Made a 3hr audio recording of us telling our story from how we met until now (culminating at the proposal*)

- Staycation at a fancy hotel in Manhattan

 *For those of you who are ultra curious, let me know and I can send you a photo of the ring separately. 

We’re really happy about it all and wanted to share it with you. No specific wedding plans as of yet, but we’ll obviously keep you posted when all of that starts to come together (we’re most likely shooting for a wedding in Arizona in Spring of 2013). 

We’re staying put this holiday season and won’t see you, but know that we’re thinking about all of you and wishing you the best of holidays and a very merry Christmas. 

 Much love, 

 Ben & Anja

A few weeks later, my The Knot editorial team surprised me with me an engagement party at work. The theme was “Anja’s Red Hot Engagement Party.”


And of course there was a cake (made one of my favorite bakers, Mark Joseph Cakes)!


So that’s the story.

We haven’t had engagement photos taken (yet!) but this is one we snapped over the following weekend. Tired, happy and engaged.


The wedding is in May, so we’re in the middle of making lots of wedding plans, but tonight we’re going to take a break from it all and celebrate our engageaversary.

We’ll do dinner at Blue Ribbon, order the lobster — and I think I’ll wear my red dress too.

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