6 Gorgeous Calligraphy Ideas From Paperfinger!

Nothing feels more personal than calligraphed details hand-crafted for your wedding. From the envelopes to the escort cards, Brooklyn-based calligrapher Bryn Chernoff of Paperfinger shares some insider calligraphy secrets and gorgeous stationery trends.

Photography: Dan Eckstein
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Ligature Arturo Style Invitation

"The experience of receiving an invitation starts with the envelope, so you want it to feel special and significant right from the start. When your guests see that envelope in their stack of mail, they will begin to feel the excitement of the event before they even open it up," Bryn says.
Photography: Jen Huang
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Dessert Sign

Tip: If calligraphy is a priority for you, figure out where it will make the biggest impact. Bryn suggests starting with the escort cards and invites. A gorgeous dessert table is also a great place to highlight!
Photography: Jen Huang
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Watercolor Vows and Menu Card

Tip: The earlier you contact a calligrapher the better. Bryn suggests booking at least 4-6 weeks in advance but it changes based on the season.
Photography: Jen Huang
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"Nothing feels more personal than calligraphy that has been written by hand just for the event," she says. "It conveys the care and attention that went into planning and creating a wedding. I'm always amazed at the sheer delight people have when they see their name written beautifully."
Photography: Dan Eckstein
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Ligature Engraved Style Invitation

On a budget? This year Paperfinger completed the Ligature Collection, which offers invitations to those who want to choose a design from the collection and save on time and cost, without giving up hand-calligraphed designs.
Photography: Dan Eckstein
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Ligature Classic Style Invitations

"Weddings are one of our few remaining opportunities for enjoying traditions. A hand-calligraphed envelope placed in the mail is a vestige of our past and it is very meaningful to revive!"

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