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Couples don’t always agree on every wedding detail. We asked a bride and groom-to-be to share their thoughts on everything from the first time they met to the party planning and what they’re looking forward to most about their wedding day which for this couple is in April of 2014 on Martha’s Vineyard! See how their responses compare.

The Bride-to-be: Cameron Schroeder, 24, Nursing Student
The Groom-to-be: Matt Karrenbauer, 24, Army Armor Officer

When did you get engaged?
She said: June 1, 2012 in Clifton, Virginia.
He said: June 1, 2012.

How did you first meet?
She said: We lived two doors down from each other freshman year of college. We became friends pretty much immediately.
He said: We lived a couple rooms apart freshman year of college. During the initial round-robin meet-and-greet she couldn’t remember by name! But we quickly became close friends.

When/how did you first fall in love with your significant other?
She sad: I gradually fell in love with him. We were best friends for a year and a half beforehand, and it felt very natural and normal to make the transition.
He said: It was gradual. The first year and a half we were very close friends. Sophomore year we started feeling it grow beyond friendship. Then I went to Egypt to study abroad the next semester, but we promised to wait for each other until I got back.

What’s the most memorable date you’ve had?
She said: Valentine’s day two years ago, Matt surprised me with a home-cooked meal, my favorite flowers and candles everywhere.
He said: I took her to old town Alexandria for dinner and a hotel down near the water. We talked for hours over great wine and food, and had not a care for anything but us.

What quality do you most admire about the other person?
She said: Matt has the biggest heart. He is disciplined, honorable, and devoted to his family, friends and to our country. He is also sweet, witty and very romantic.
He said: Her sincerity. She doesn’t have to put any effort into being graceful, loving, honest and beautiful. She is simply so genuine in who she is and what she does that it all comes completely natural to her.

What was the best engagement present you received?
She said: We received a leather-bound journal from my aunt which we are writing in and sending back and forth to each other while Matt is away.
He said: A leather bound journal her aunt gave us. I was deploying soon and we wanted a special way to keep the spark alive and thriving, so we take turns writing in it and mailing it to each other.

What was the weirdest/worst engagement present?
She said: We didn’t receive many engagement gifts, however they were all personal and thoughtful.
He said: Unfortunately we never had an engagement party or anything of the sort. She’s in Grad School up in Boston and I’m stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY, so the distance prevented having one. But the journal was all we needed.

How would you describe the style of your wedding?
She said: Classy, beautiful, relaxed and fun.
He said: Old Vineyard meets military. Think more like a simple springtime elegance crossed with the sharpness of military dress, but all the while laid back and relaxing.

What’s been the most fun detail of your wedding to plan?
She said: We are still in the process of planning the wedding, but I am most excited to pick the music and the menu!
He said: The food. I’m a huge foodie, so I enjoy looking at all the options. Can’t wait to taste test them when I get home too!

What’s been the most difficult detail of your wedding to agree upon?
She said: We’ve had a hard time picking the date and venue but that is mostly because of our busy schedules (nursing school and the military). Otherwise, we agree on all of the important details which is great!
He said: How many people to invite. It seems simple enough, but it controls everything from venue spaces to food and drink. The agreed upon guest list is more elusive than one first thinks.

How has it been planning a wedding while your fiance is deployed/
while you’ve been deployed?

She said: It hasn’t been easy because of the time difference. It’s hard to coordinate when you’re in opposite time zones. Luckily we are able to talk pretty much every day so we send each other lots of emails and make it work.
He said: So far not bad. We started planning early since we knew it would be hindered while I’m gone. Luckily my sister is a professional wedding planner and has really stepped up to help us out.

What do you look most forward to: the wedding day, the wedding night, the honeymoon?
She said: The wedding day. I can’t wait to stand up in front of all of our family and friends and read our vows to each other. I also can’t wait for the moment when we officially become husband and wife.
He said: We’re both avid world travelers so I can’t wait for whatever far off adventure we decide to take!

What will be the most unique detail at your wedding ceremony/reception?
She said: The venue has a stunning panoramic view of the harbor which will be great for the guests who have never been to Martha’s Vineyard.
He said: We’re going to help guests coordinate with each other so they can potentially rent homes as a group. For example, our friends from Syracuse will know who else is going from our college days so they can all get a house together. That way it’s not just a wedding, it’s a reunion for everyone.

How did you/do you plan to celebrate your bachelor/bachelorette parties?
She said: I’d either like to spend a fun night out in the city dancing with my friends or enjoy a day at the spa.
He said: I’m leaving most of the planning of it to my Best Man, so I have no idea yet. He and I have always been thrill seekers together anyways, so I imagine it’ll be something between a pub crawl and an epic adventure.

What moment of your wedding day are you most anticipating?
She said: Walking down the aisle and watching Matt’s response as I get closer to him. I am also looking forward to our first dance as a married couple.
He said: Seeing her for the first time in her dress, walking down the aisle towards me.

How will you feel when the wedding planning is all over?
She said: Less stressed! It is hard to plan a wedding while you’re in graduate school. As excited as I am for the wedding day, I am very much looking forward to our life together after the wedding.
He said: Relieved, but let down a little too. Half the fun is going through all the options and deciding how to make the day really special for us.

What are your honeymoon plans?
She said: We both love traveling so most likely a new place we’ve never been before. Hopefully somewhere in Europe, Australia or South America.
He said: Not sure yet. We’ve talked about various places we want to visit, we just know it’ll be somewhere overseas. Perhaps somewhere in the Greek archipelago.

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