5 Simple Single-Flower Wedding Bouquets

Avoid over complicating your wedding flower selections by limiting it at one type. Peonies, roses, and even lily of the valley can stand alone and look gorgeous in a bridal bouquet. Plus, if you keep the flowers simple you can add a glam bouquet wrap! Flowers are about 8 percent of your wedding budget and sticking to one flower type will also allow you to buy in bulk and perhaps shave off some of the cost.

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Lush Rose Bouquet

This bouquet was hand constructed from several roses to look like one single flower.
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Pink Astilbe Arrangement

These tall, feathery plumes make a statement as a wedding bouquet.
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Mini Lily of the Valley Bouquet

Lily of the Valley doesn't just serve as a bouquet filler-- it can be the main attraction.
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Pink Peony Bouquet

Pink peonies pop against a white dress and add a fun, flirty dynamic thanks to their bulbous shape.
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Cascading Orchid Bouquet

Cascading cymbidium orchids are so dense you won't need many to form a draping bouquet.

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