Meet Dream Wedding Contestants Aireal & Matt


In case you haven’t heard all the buzzing yet, is throwing the ultimate dream wedding on the most romantic day of the year — Valentine’s Day! One lucky couple is going to win a fabulous and free New York City wedding planned by us editors at and celeb wedding planner, Amy Shey Jacobs. The wedding includes everything from a designer gown and wedding bands, to luxe flowers and decor, to much much more! Each detail of the wedding will be voted on by you — Knotties across the country — so we are introducing you to some of our favorite couples!

Here’s another couple we are loving!

Meet Aireal & Matt:

Matt and Aireal are originally from the same Michigan town, but met one another in New York City — home of the fabulous Dream Wedding location! Because The Big Apple is such a special place to them, they have already been planning a NYC destination wedding. They would love to win the Dream Wedding so they can fly in both their families to celebrate this special day with them.

Fun fact about the couple:
Matt had a super unique and adorable proposal for Aireal. Since music is her love – second to Matt of course, he wanted to write her a song but didn’t think he could compose or preform it. He decided to contact the lead singer of her favorite band to see if they would write music for his lyrics. The band actually agreed! Within three weeks they had taken Matt’s words, put them to music, sang, and recorded the song. The band added extra instrumentals to the end of the song to set up his proposal. How sweet is that?

Are Aireal and Matt the perfect couple to win The Knot Dream Wedding? Let us know what you think!

Watch more about their story:

Do you want to win the free Dream Wedding? Time is running out to enter! Find out everything you need to know here.

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  • Jenna
    12/10/12 at 05:22

    Yes!! Matt and Aireal aren’t the average couple, and what I mean by that words can’t really even express. When you see couples together, you know the everyday couple comes to mind…nothing special though just another couple in this world we live in. No, not Matt and Aireal when you met them you truly get the feeling what true love really is. They are what most people strive to be, but never can become. Their relationship just comes so easy to them and the people around them. They are both the most giving, loving, big hearted people I have ever had a chance to meet. They will do just about anything for anyone and each other. They always make the best out of life, even when there isn’t much to do they always surprise me with creative and fun things they think of. Everything they do they go hand-in-hand together and will always come out of a situation together. When you see them together you feel as if you are watching a movie and these two people are head over heels…then you realize its reality and these two are just so in love with each other. They deserve the best things in life and they deserve so much! These two just want everyone to share in their love and nothing more. Money couldn’t buy how much love these two have for each other. It’s amazing, because it never gets old for them, they could stare at each other none stop for a whole year and they would never get sick of each other and never stop falling in love with each other over and over again. The happiness of others is always put forth before them and that will never change. I love them so much and anyone who mets them would feel the same!! If they won this free wedding they would be more than grateful and would be so worthy of it. Everyone just has to met Matt and Aireal and they would COMPLETELY understand.

  • Courtenay Bratten
    12/11/12 at 06:08

    Oh MY GOSH…… I love that story, how thoughtful and romantic on Matt’s part! AND, they are sooo cute! Being from Michigan myself, they TOTALLY need to be pampered and flown to NYC for their wedding! I vote for them…….

  • Stephanie
    12/11/12 at 06:10

    Aireal and Matt are definitely the perfect couple to win The Knot Dream Wedding. Their love for each other is one of a kind and amazing! New York City is a magical place and what are the chances of them finding each other and falling in love in that crazy, big city?! Because Matt and Aireal began their journey together in New York City, it only makes sense for them to return to the city for their next big step, becoming husband and wife! Yes, they have already been planning on having their wedding in NYC, but they deserve to have the wedding of their dreams! Unfortunately the city is quite a distance away from where their families live in MI, so many family members are unable to be there for that special day. I know so many people are heart broken, but simply cannot afford to be there for Aireal and Matt. Many would think a simple solution for this problem would be to have their wedding close to home, but they deserve to have it in their dream location and where they fell in love! This is one day where they should have everything they want, deserve, and could ever imagine! I couldn’t picture them getting married in any other place than New York City and I know the rest of their family and friends feel the same way! The relationship they have is so special. To be honest, I have never seen a love like theirs! Matt and Aireal deserve to have the The Knot Dream Wedding not only because they would be so appreciative of this amazing gift, but because they have such a true love.

  • Anonymous
    12/12/12 at 01:50

    I am not out to ruin this happy couples wedding plans however they did not “meet’ in newyork. I am from their hometown and I know this couple not well but enough. They went to the same highschool and had a class together. If ou want proof this is from their wedding website you can find it at
    “It all started at Midland High School back in 2005 where we had team sports class together. When we were playing flag football in the middle of the game I said to Matt, ” your eyes look like the ocean” and then all the guys proceeded to laugh at me. Then it seems like we had ran into each other every 3 years.”

    I don’t think it is fair for them to say that they “met” there. Maybe if they would have said they fell in love there it would have made more sense.

  • Karen Johnston
    12/13/12 at 08:01

    Such a sweet couple! They definitely should win!

  • Eric
    12/13/12 at 09:18

    I vote for them !

  • Jenni
    12/13/12 at 11:13

    I wish everyone had the chance to see this wonderful couple together! I have been so blassed to have Aireal apart of my life for about the past 5 years. And he is truely one of the most amazing people I know. And when Matt came into her life a couple years ago I saw her grow and fall in love! The love that the two of them have for one another is nothing like I have ever seen! The are two of the most wonderful people! I really believe that they deserve this beautiful wedding in New York and would be so grateful! It would mean so much to them to be able to have their friends and family enjoy their day. I can not wait to share this day with them!

  • Janet
    12/15/12 at 11:26

    Aireal and Matt hands down deserve this wedding! When Aireal talks about Matt, it’s very clear how deep their love is. Both of them are wonderful people on their own, but they still manage to make each other better people. This would be their dream wedding, and I know it would mean the world to them!

  • Jon
    12/15/12 at 04:22

    Aireal and Matt are the most deserving couple for this dream wedding; it only makes sense, especially since New York is where their relationship began. I think it would be great to have them win and tie the knot at the location where it all started; the ultimate way to begin the rest of their lives together.

  • Jessie
    12/15/12 at 05:48

    Aireal and Matt would be the best choice for winning this free wedding! They consider NYC the place where they really met and would love to share their wedding day with their family and friends.

  • Rob
    12/16/12 at 05:04

    Matt and Aireal are an AWESOME couple! They are both die hard romantics! They told you about their song (which I think is really cool), but here’s something Aireal once told me: Aireal (who is 6’0″) told me ‘that in her dreams, the man she would marry would be 6′ 6″, but when she finally met him (meaning Matt), he turned out to be only 5’9″!’ Ha Ha. But, as it turns out – they are a PERFECT match!!! I hope they get selected as one of the finalists because they already have my vote. :-)

  • Alysia and Mike
    12/18/12 at 08:26

    Matt and Aireal definitely deserve to win this contest. They fell in love in NYC and now are planning to be married there. We can see the love they have for each other every day… It will be wonderful to celebrate their marriage in their most favorite city! We know they would truly appreciate and take full advantage of this opportunity if they were to win!

  • Maria
    12/18/12 at 04:38

    i just had the chance to check out their wedding website, they seem to have everything planned already… i mean honey moon and hotel accomodations, i mean half of these couples havent even beeb able to start planning either from hurricane sandy is holding them back like the one couple, or the money aspect of it.. they look just fine to me how are they deserving when they seem to be happy and planning their entire wedding already!.. i think they should be disqualified from the contest.

  • Aireal
    12/18/12 at 06:55


    I do not think it is right for you to judge wether or not my fiancé and I deserve this without knowing us. I decide to look at the good in life and not the bad. Everyone is no doubt going through rough things as this is a hard economy, but we decided to highlight our happiness together instead. I think everyone is deserving of this as long as they love each other. It was quick of you to make assumptions about us, but you do not really know anything about us, or what our financial situation is… you say we already started planning, but it doesn’t cost any money to plan a wedding. And for our’s on our registry. What you said was hurtful to me.

    Take care,

  • Maria
    12/18/12 at 04:40

    it is not fair, what this couple is doing.

  • The Judger
    12/18/12 at 06:10

    LMAO at Maria and anonymous. Wellp, they did the research for us, folks!

  • Stfu Haters
    12/18/12 at 07:47

    Maria. Wow. Sorry for your life sucking and no one wanting to be with you and you are bitter heart because you are no job broke. But these two have to provide for their own wedding…good thing they have good jobs to do so, something it seems you know nothing about. Your life seems sad and unhappy…how about you cry about your unhappy life to someone who gives a shit and stop hating on a life you wished you had. Hope you find someone who will love your ugly soul and maybe you will find happiness in yourself. But…that probably won’t happen. I am judging you, just as you are judging them like you know them. Fair is fair, right? Sucks to suck bitch!

  • Karen
    12/19/12 at 12:29

    Just finished watched their video, and they are cute too.
    But boy, what is with all this negativity? Some mouth on that last commenter!

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