The Wedding Of A Century: 7,231 Couples Plan to Marry on 12/12/12

If you want the wedding of the century, this Wednesday is the time to do it (literally)!

12/12/12 is one of the most highly anticipated wedding dates of the year as it’s the last time until another hundred years that the date is made up of reoccurring double digits. On 11/11/11 the city of Las Vegas alone received 3,500 applications for marriage licenses and again this Wednesday a spike in nuptials is expected.

There are approximately 7,231 brides on and who will exchange vows on 12/12/12! Though this special date does fall mid-week, there may be some advantages to having a weekday affair. Many venues and photographers may offer you a special if you marry on an “off-peak” day and you may have more flexibility on location since there may be less demand.

In addition, there are some fun ways you can incorporate your wedding date into your day-of details:

- Have a special champagne toast at 12:12
– Have 6 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen for a total of 12
– Give out personalized favors that commemorate the date
– Decorate with a wishing tree and have guests make a wish at 12:12

Are you or anyone you know getting married on 12/12/12? Tell us below!

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