5 Fun Registry Ideas for Wine Lovers (Scan It Saturdays)

Sláinte! For wine lovers who always prefer their glass half full, here are 5 registry essentials to make wine drinking even more delightful. All you need? Your favorite vintage.

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Holman Wine Glass Shelf

A party-ready wine glass rack keeps all the essential ingredients on hand. Stash cocktail napkins, stemware and a corkscrew on this shelf so you'll be ready to pop bottles!
(PotteryBarn.com, $89)
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Rabbit Professional Wine Tool Kit by Metrokane

This is the ultimate wine glass corkscrew-- it removes and releases the cork quickly thanks to its smart design.
(SurLaTable.com, $50)
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The Cellar Stemless Wineglasses

These won't prevent spills but they may make you less prone to tipping your glass! Not to mention they're more compact to store in a small cupboard.
(Macy's.com, $56)
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Emerson 12 Bottle Wine Cooler

You don't have to be a wine snob to enjoy a nice bottle of chilled Chard. This cooler is affordable and stores up to 12 bottles of wine so they're ready to drink at a moment's notice.
(Target.com, $110)
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Slate Cheese Board

You can't serve wine on an empty stomach! Offer a varietal of gourmet cheeses on this slate board which lets you identify what you're serving.
(MOMAstore.org, $30)

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