Proposals Caught On Camera!

One proposal trend we’re seeing everywhere is hiring a photographer to catch the big moment. Call them proposal paparazzi photographers if you will — either way, they make for seriously tear-jerking photos.

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Champagne's All Ready!

Happy tears all around for Hillary and Matt!
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Excited Bride-to-Be!

We love her reaction -- so happy.
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A Romantic Sunset Proposal

How romantic is this paparazzi style proposal at the beach? If you recognize them it is Kara Keough from The Real Housewives of Orange County and Jacksonville Jaguar Kyle Bosworth.
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Her face is priceless.
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Barn Proposal

We love that her outfit completely fits the farm location. Think she knew it was coming?
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Beach Proposal

Barefoot on the beach is always romantic.
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Bridge Proposal

It's the classic bended knee proposal shot.
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Park Proposal

Can you feel the emotion and excitement from the future bride-to-be? A Central Park proposal is totally romantic.
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Outdoor Proposal

Loving this one. So many happy tears.
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A Surprised Bride-to-Be!

You can just tell she didn't see it coming.
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Ice Skating Rink

How could you not be a little jealous of this bride-to-be? What an incredible winter proposal shot!

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