Cringe-Worthy 90s Wedding Hairstyles

Don’t get me wrong, the 90s is my favorite decade, but it wasn’t exactly the Golden Age for hairstyles, and no one knew it at the time because everyone was perming their hair within an inch of it’s life for the perfect look. In honor of Throwback Thursday, we’ve rounded up the best of the worst of the 90s that’ll make you say, “What were they thinking?!”

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Miss Frizzle

Not even the pink rosette headband can contain these frizzed out curls.
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Super Short Bangs

Hair stylists in the 90s must have been scissor happy because so many brides fell prey to this trend.
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Whispy, curly tendrils were all the rage. For a more casual look, secure with butterfly clips.
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A 90s Combo

The headband veil (won't it leave a nasty red imprint behind?!) and piled high curls we're the hit of the decade.
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The Back of Your Head is Ridiculous

Rattails never have been, nor ever will be an appropriate hairstyle, especially not at a wedding!
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Business in the Front...

Party in the back. Grooms in the 90s were just as guilty of hair insanity as their brides. This groom is rocking your classic mullet.
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Bigger Was Better

While the bride's hair is pretty timeless and traditional hairstyle to balance out her thoroughly 90s dress, the bridesmaids weren't so lucky.
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Celebs Weren't Immune

Both David and Victoria (ahem, Posh Spice) rocked some seriously 90s hair at their 1999 wedding. The internet will always remember her short spiky 'do and his boy band-esque bleach blond locks.

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