6 DIY Wedding Project Fails

Don’t get us wrong: We love a fun do-it-yourself wedding project here and there. But sometimes it’s just so much better to leave the wedding decor (not to mention the cake!) up to the pros.

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DIY Doily Lanterns

This made us laugh out loud -- hysterically. This doily ball didn't turn out quite right.
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DIY Dyed Lemons

Lemons are a great thing to add to punch or water. This bride wanted to dye them different colors to make a drink more appealing -- her result didn't turn out quite right.
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DIY Yarn Balls

That model picture looks great and would be beautiful as reception décor – however this project doesn’t look quite like the model. This is one of the most famous “Pinterest fails” on Pinstrosity!
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Lucky for this bride she realized her RSVP misspelling and corrected it, but she posted it online to give the world a good laugh!
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DIY Wedding Cake

This bride had her own mother bake her wedding cake and turned her in for a "cake wreck." Sometimes it's best to leave things to the professionals.
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DIY Painted Wooden Cake Toppers

This bride wanted to create these cute painted cake toppers. She called her attempt a FAIL but we have seen worse!

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