Must-Have Holiday Gifts for Foodies (Scan It Saturdays)

Our sister site, has partnered with Amazon to come out with a comprehensive holiday gift guide with must-haves for everyone in your life including a fiance, family or co-workers. While you may be busy with wedding planning you’ll still have to make some time for holiday shopping and all these items are available online either for purchase or to add to your wedding registry!

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De'Longhi Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

Why we love it: The barista in your life will adore making her own fancy cup o’ joe.
Price: $91
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iGrill Cooking Thermometer

Why we love it: It monitors the temperature of your grilled meals, allowing you to host a barbecue and entertain guests with ease.
Price: $80
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Now Designs Printed Aprons

Why we love it: This apron is festive, stylish -- and it will keep your clothes clean while you cook that big holiday dinner.
Price: $22
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Cuisinart Food Processor

Why we love it: It’s your go-to cooking tool for pureeing winter veggies for soups and stews.
Price: $284
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Hamilton Classic Hand Mixer

Why we love it: This lightweight mixer is ideal for everyone who loves to bake.
Price: $24
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