Get The Liz Lemon Wedding Look!

Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) is a married woman! On last night’s episode of 30 Rock, Chris Chross (James Marsden) put a ring on it — well a knuckle ring found at the police auction, but a ring nonetheless. As the happy bride-to-be put it, “We might as well get married like every other idiot.” Well we can safely say we’ve never seen a real wedding quite like this but there’s wedding inspiration to be found here too. Here, the not-so-crazy way to pull off a Liz Lemon wedding!

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Try A Long Flowy Gown (Not Costume) With Sleeves

Hopefully you have more time to find a gown rather than settling on last year's Halloween "Star Wars" costume, so check out these pretty Pronovias gowns!

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Wear A Side Bun -- But Not Two!

A side bun is a beautiful wedding day hair style option. Check these out!
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Ditch The Gift Basket Ballons!

Do you love balloons? So do we! See how this couple creatively used balloons at their ceremony.
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Send Out Themed Save The Dates

Perfect for a summer wedding, these lovely lemon-themed save the date cards are ironically sweet (and could inspire delicious lemon cocktails!).

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Suit Up! Your Groom Can Still Look Great Without The Tux

Chris looked very nice for the happy couple's "no big deal" wedding. However, he also picked up a grill (see teeth in photo) at the City Hall police auction to wear... don't let your groom try this one at home! May the force be with them both.

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