6 Breakfast-Themed Wedding Cakes

Good news for breakfast diehards: You can now exchange weddings vows over pancakes! A new Denny’s opened in Las Vegas this week featuring a wedding chapel. No news yet on whether Elvis impersonators will be officiating, but the restaurant will offer a range of wedding packages, some of which include wedding cakes made of Denny’s Pancake Puppies. For other morning-meal enthusiasts who love the idea of eggs, Eggos and everything in between, we bring you the best of breakfast wedding cakes!

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Pancake Cake

If a Croquembouche is too traditional-- pile pancakes high until your cake stacks up.
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Crepe Cake

Sweet and subtle-- this crepe cake almost has you fooled into thinking it's a more traditional dessert tower.
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Cereal Cake

Imaging turning your favorite cereal into a colorful cake. Captain Crunch would be proud.
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Doughnut Wedding Cake

Doughnut wedding cakes, a do or definite dough-not?
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Starbucks Cake

Starbucks coffee lovers will go crazy over this espresso-inspired cake.
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Waffle House Cake

One couple commissioned this groom's cake to playfully display their love of visiting waffle houses all over the country together.

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