The Best TV Sitcom Weddings Of All Time

Liz Lemon gets married on 30 Rock tonight so in honor of our favorite comedic genius’ TV nuptials, we decided to round up our favorite sitcom weddings.

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Uncle Jesse & Becky on Full House

How can someone not love this wedding and episode? From Jesse getting stuck in a tree after skydiving, falling into a tomato truck, being arrested and Aunt Becky having to go get her groom out of jail – this episode was pure gold.
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Pam & Jim on The Office

There was nothing sweeter at Pam and Jim escaping to elope before their official ceremony on that boat near Niagra Falls.
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Charlotte & Harry on Sex and the City

How can someone not love this wedding? Everything went wrong on this day for one of our ultimate favorite TV couples.
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Carol & Mike on The Brady Bunch

The wedding on the very first episode of The Brady Bunch was how they became The Brady Bunch! Carol looked beautiful in that yellow dress, not white since it was her second wedding and in the more traditional 1969.
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Cory & Topanga on Boy Meets World

When Cory and Topanga finally wed it wasn’t without any drama! Remember Cory and Shawn fighting and Shawn refusing to be the best man. This meant Cory’s brother Eric took over the best man responsibilities – but forgets the ring. Shawn comes in and saves the day!
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Ross & Emily on Friends

Hilarious episode when Ross says, “I, Ross, take thee Rachel” instead of his bride-to-be’s name Emily! This was one of the best episodes in the entire series!
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Fran & Max on The Nanny

Who didn’t love The Nanny? What we loved about this wedding was Fran (and her mother) finally found a man who who marry her.
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Grace & Leo on Will & Grace

We loved that Grace & Leo thought it was a great idea to say “I Do” with a bunch of other couples in Central Park, officiated by Katie Couric.
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Alex & Izzie on Grey’s Anatomy

This episode really pulled at our heart’s strings. While dying with cancer, Izzie planned Meredith and Derek’s wedding, when Derek discovers a second brain tumor the couple gave the wedding to Alex and Izzie.
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Donna & David on 90210

The wedding between Donna and; David was the two-hour series finale which reunited old friends and is where David recites tearful vows to Donna!
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Monica & Chandler on Friends

Not only was Monica & Chandler's wedding gorgeous and the vows personal -- but we enjoyed when Phoebe announced that Monica and Chandler are "expecting."
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Sookie & Jackson on Gilmore Girls

Are we the only one who thinks a kilt on Jackson is the perfect wedding accessory for this couple? We love this couple and this wedding!
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Lily & Marshall on How I Met Your Mother

Another wedding where everything goes wrong (like Charlotte and Harry’s from Sex and the City) but it turns out to be a hilarious and memorable wedding!
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Bernadette & Howard on The Big Bang Theory

We loved this wedding that took place on top of Sheldon and Leonard's apartment. Even more fun was that everyone became ordained online to officiate. The geek factor was that the ceremony was photographed from space as the Google satellite passed by overhead.
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Laura & Luke on General Hospital

Fun Fact: Did you know that over 30 million viewers watched the wedding between one of TV’s most popular couples in 1981?
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Kevin & Scotty on Brothers and Sisters

We loved Kevin & Scotty’s commitment ceremony on the season finale of “Brothers and Sisters.” Not only was it officiated by Kitty (Calista Flockhart) but it was the first ever same-sex wedding ceremony by series regulars on television – awesome!
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Carole & Burt on Glee

No wedding is complete without a high school glee club singing Bruno Mars’s edition of “Marry You."
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Kelly & Zach on Saved by the Bell

We love that Kelly & Zach finally got married in the series finale that took place in Las Vegas.
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Jessa & Thomas John's Wedding on "Girls"

We were shocked at the season finale of HBO's "Girls" when Jessa married Thomas John in a surprise wedding!

Which wedding was your favorite?  Let us know below or tweet it to me!

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