Terrible ’80s Bridesmaid Fashions That Should Stay in the Past

The 80s were great for a lot of reasons like Michael Jackson, the toppling of the Berlin Wall, and E.T. — but bridal fashion was not one of them. In honor of Throwback Thursday, we’ve rounded up the best of the worst 80s bridesmaid looks that we hope never catch on again.

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Dress vs. Hair

It looks like the oversized hair is battling the gargantuan sleeves for the spotlight in this photo. The color of the dresses also has a striking resemblance to Pepto Bismol...
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Cringe Worthy

The bridesmaid's face says it all "get me out of this thing!" From the oversized shoulders to the unidentifiable shiny fabric, this quintessentially 80s dress could stop traffic (and not in a good way!).
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Excess Accessories

Two words: matching. parasols.
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No,No,No Not Ho,Ho,Ho

I think these bridesmaid's had their dresses switched with two Mrs. Klaus mall impersonators at the dry cleaners...what a literal (and unfortunate) holiday wedding choice.
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Even a simple and classic color like black went terribly wrong in the 80s.
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A Pastel Rainbow

I have so many questions as to why they are posed this way (is the bride crouching down?). But I digress, those poor fascinators are clutching onto those giant permed hairdos for dear life!
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Golden Oldies

Like an overbearing Olympic gymnastics coach, silver and bronze weren't good enough for this wedding.