6 Thanksgiving Dinner Dishes To Serve At Your Wedding

We’re thankful for a lot of things this Thanksgiving, and one item that’s at the top of our list is for all of the delicious and creative ways of serving up our favorite comfort foods. With Thanksgiving only days away get inspired by these drool-worthy and festive dishes.

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Hot Drink Dessert

Instead of traditional cocktails serve your guests hot drinks that pair well with flavorful dishes. A mug of hot cocoa or mulled apple cider (don't forget the brandy!) is the perfect thing to warm up your guests' fingers and stomachs on a brisk November night.
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Straight From the Harvest

Try a fresh and seasonal starter like squash soup. The squash rind bowl adds to an appropriate Thanksgiving harvest theme.
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Sweet Potato Toppings Bar

Swap out ice cream for delicious and nutritious sweet potatoes (a Thanksgiving day must-have) for a sundae bar that the pilgrims would be proud of. Offer toppings like marshmallows and cinnamon and sugar to make this side dish into the main event.
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Mini Apple Doughnuts

Nothing says comfort food quite like an apple doughnut and a "shot" of milk.
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Apple Crisp

Apple crisps are great because they're crunchy on the top and sweet and syrupy on the bottom. Mini ramekins make it easy to serve and convenient to eat, especially while guests chat and mingle during the reception.
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Piping Hot Pies

Pie vs. cake is a rivalry that goes back to the beginning of time (or at least the invention of baking). During this time of year pie wins out every time. Whether it's blueberry, apple, or pumpkin this golden delicious pastry is a Thanksgiving staple.