Brad Pitt Might Be Attending Jen’s Wedding — Think It’s Okay To Invite An Ex?

It’s rumored that there will be two guests attending Jennifer Aniston’s upcoming wedding to Justin Theroux that are quite unexpected — Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

A source told the British magazine Grazia, that “Justin knows that Jen and Brad talk occasionally and he likes the actor. Obviously, this means inviting Angelina too. Jennifer was taken aback, as she really didn’t think Justin would want her ex-husband there, but she loves the fact he’s so OK about it.”

Whether or not this celebrity rumor is true or false, we know that other couples struggle with this problem of to invite experts or not. Our advice is don’t.

Robert Billingham, PHd at Indiana University believes that “believes once people are lovers, they can never be “just friends,” and that an ex should never attend your wedding under any circumstances.”

Famed etiquette expert Peggy Post agrees that exes shouldn’t be invited especially if you have children because “It can be confusing to your children, who need to see you and your new groom (or bride) as a family unit, separate from the ex. They also need to understand that while you are all still their parents, you are otherwise not connected to each other.”

But we know that life and many decisions are not as clear as a simple yes and now and that many factors can play a role in whether or not you (or your groom) are inviting exes.  We are wondering though — are there any other couples that are planning on inviting your exes to your big day? Let us know why below!

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