Wedding Paper Divas Launches New Stationery Line (And We Love Everything In It)

When it comes to wedding invitations, I’m a bit of an addict (you could safely call me a stationery nerd). So when I attended the Wedding Paper Divas preview event a few months ago I was obviously drooling. I couldn’t wait until I was allowed to share all their prettiness with you. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite designs. The best part? They’re already live on!
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Floating Fairytale

I haven't been a fan of photo invitations, but this new line is bringing the trend back in a big, beautiful way.
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Loving Luminaries

This design is so beautiful. I almost forget that the words are there it's so stunning!
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Enchanted Ending

Did I forget to mention the backs of all of these invites? This bold, modern back is just a cool as the front.
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Tropical Petals

Pops of color peaking onto this square card are subtle but pack a big punch.
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Love Spans Oceans

This beautiful map invite is perfect for the travel-junkie couple. Get this invite with shimmer stock to make an even bigger statement.

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