This Photographer Caught Fire To Get The Perfect Picture!

Photographers will go to great lengths at your wedding to do their job, apparently including risking their lives. Jacki Bruniquel, a South African photographer was trying to capture the perfect shot of the bride walking down the aisle with her father and stood to close to a candle, which caused her hair to go up in flames! (Keep an eye on the upper left hand corner of the screen.)

Jacki wrote about the incident on her blog saying, “In that situation the only thing you can do once the flames have been patted out is to once again …… laugh and keep on shooting. It was funny. It was certainly a wedding I will never forget that is for sure and my hair did actually need a trim!”

We’re glad that Jacki was okay and everyone was able to get a good laugh out of it — including us as we watch this video over and over again.