8 Engagement Rings That Require a Workout

When it comes to celebrity engagements, we’ve come to expect ginormous rings. But what happens when you’ve got a stunner that comes with a ring-finger workout video? We almost feel bad for these girls who have to lug around rings that weigh their hands, wrists and maybe even arms down.

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Beyonce's 18 carat diamond ring is quite the stunner. The emerald-cut stone reaches nearly all the way to her knuckle, telling us it might be time to start flexing those ring finger muscles.
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Elizabeth Taylor

Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor's fifth husband gave her the infamous Krupp diamond ring, considered one of the world's most flawless diamonds. Her knuckles are nearly non-existent next to her rock.
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Kim Kardashian

Now now, Kim. There's really no need to attempt to overshadow your 20.5 carat engagement ring with an equally-enormous 12 carat band. Thank goodness that marriage didn't last -- after just one year of marriage, she'd probably have more than 50 carats on that one finger!
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Jennifer Aniston

Justin proposed to Jennifer with a eight carat center stone diamond. While the ring, totaling around 12-18 carats, looks bulky, some say its not the size, simply the setting. The size seems pretty large, if you ask us!
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Paris Hilton

Paris Latsis asked Paris Hilton to marry him with this staggering 24 carat diamond ring. Honestly, I'm surprised it didn't knock her petite figure over!
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Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon gave Mariah Carey this pink-hued 10.02 carat diamond ring. It looks like she's having trouble holding that pose.
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Angelina Jolie

While Angelina's ring almost looks modest next to some of the other entries here, don't be fooled -- Brad Pitt gave her a 16 carat rock!
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Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne's 14 carat pear-shaped engagement ring from Chad Kroeger left us speechless. We're guessing the rock must require her to do at least some light stretching.

Which one is your favorite? Which one is the gaudiest?

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