Baring It All: How Not to Have a KStew Moment

twilight saga

We’ve all seen the photos and heard the rumors: Kristen Stewart showed a little more than a flashy smile and luminous locks at last night’s LA premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. She wore a lacy Zuhair Murad dress, and while it was quite striking from afar, look at her up-close, or under the right light, and you’ll wish you didn’t. Want to avoid this wardrobe malfunction on your wedding day? Here’s how:

1. It’s called a slip. Wear one. This really should be a no-brainer when you’re in the spotlight. The wrong light or even a little wind, could ruin your perfect day-of look.

2. Layered lace. If you insist on wearing a lacy gown, don’t fall prey to just one layer of the delicate material. By nature the fabric is soft, sexy…and see-through!

3. Do a test run. When you’re first trying on your dress or getting your initial fitting you may be under some bright lights, but you should also try your dress on in natural light before you walk down the aisle. You never know how it will look if you don’t give ‘er a spin first.

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