10 Most Romantic Places To Propose At Disney

To some women there’s nothing more romantic and magical than the idea of a Disney proposal. Here are our favorite Disneyland and Walt Disney World proposal spots!

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In Front of Cinderella's Castle

This may be the ultimate dream proposal for many women -- in front of Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World!
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At a Princess Meet & Greet

How fun would it be to have Jasmine, Aurora and Cinderella in on the proposal details? You will now all have something in common – your own Prince Charming!
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Splash Mountain Proposal

Can you imagine surviving the drop on Splash Mountain and when you go to see the photo you see this? We hope this put the bride-to-be in her "laughing place."
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A Resort Beach During the Fireworks Show

One of the most romantic proposals we can think of is during the fireworks like this one at Walt Disney World – just like Danny and Vicky from Full House!
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At The Haunted Mansion

If you are fans of the Haunted Mansion, you can get engaged here in the graveyard. You foolish mortals will have a hand to hold (forever) in your doombuggy while watching out for hitchhiking ghosts!
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At the Entrance

Right through those gates at the entrance, is one of the most iconic train stations and a flower Mickey – and your future husband on one knee!
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During the Jungle Cruise

Maybe your future groom can arrange with the skipper to allow him to propose while seeing the back-side of water and lions protecting a sleeping zebra – talk about an adventure in Adventure Land!
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At Sleeping Beauty's Castle

When Disney does the holidays – they go all out! You will always remember a beautiful nighttime proposal in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle, when it's decorated for the holidays.
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At Snow White's Wishing Well

The wishing well in Snow White was the first place that Snow White met her prince in the first ever animated Disney movie. It is also one of the most romantic spots in all of Disneyland!
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Main Street U.S.A.'s Train Station

The train stations at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World overlook Main Street USA and the castles. Can you imagine climbing up onto the train station at night and having your groom propose here – so romantic!
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New Orlean's Square

It's really beautiful back in New Orleans Square at Disneyland, there is even real gas lamps!

Did you get proposed to at one of these magical places – or did we miss one? Let us know below or tweet it to me at @SamRoberts456 until then, to infinity and beyond!

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