Longest Married Couple Celebrates 87 Years of Marriage

In today’s tabloids, short lived marriages make headlines: from Britney Spears’ 55-hour long marriage with ex Jason Alexander, to Kim Kardashian’s 72-day marriage to basketball star Kris Humphries. Despite the short-lived celeb nuptials, there are some couples’ relationships that withstand years. Karam Chand, age 107, and wife Katari, 100, just celebrated 87 years of marriage making them the world’s longest married couple (5 years longer than the current Guinness record holders).

The couple says the key to a lasting marriage is in the little gestures they do for one another. Karam was once told that laughing makes you live longer and apparently, it makes relationships last longer too. “My trick is to make Katari laugh,” Karam says. “I like to tell jokes and make her smile. Being funny is my way of being romantic.” Katari looks after her husband by making him healthy meals. “When I was young I used to make him a nice fresh meal every night. We are vegetarian so I brought lots of fresh vegetables and made sure he was eating healthy food,” she says. Most importantly, Karam says listening is crucial! “I don’t think people take the time to listen to each other properly. People seem too busy today with work, TV and other stuff going on around them,” he says.

Now that’s some relationship advice worth listening to!

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