Get Ready for Election Day 2012: Find Out How The Obamas and The Romneys Wed!

How Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Wed

We’ve caught election fever at The Knot so we couldn’t resist sharing our favorite facts and photos of the candidates’ weddings. While Barack and Mitt might differ on topics like the economy, social issues, and foreign policy, I think one thing we can all agree on is that they looked fabulous on their wedding day!

Barack and Michelle Obama

The Bride: Michelle Robinson, 28

The Groom: Barack Obama, 31

The Date: October 1992

Fun Fact: After two years of dating, the couple was out to dinner when an engagement ring arrived on Michelle’s dessert plate and Barack proposed. Even the first couple can be guilty of having a cliche proposal!

Mitt and Ann Romney

The Bride: Ann Davies, 19

The Groom: Willard Mitt Romney, 22

The Date: March 1969

Fun Fact: After a few months of dating in high school, Mitt asked Ann to marry him at his senior prom.

Learn more about how your candidate and past presidents wed and don’t forget to go out and vote on Tuesday November 6!

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