Forget the Tux! Levi Johnston Weds in Camouflage

You may know Levi Johnston as the father of Bristol Palin’s 4-year-old son Tripp. Now, Levi is again making headlines for sealing the deal and marrying not Sarah Palin’s daughter — but girlfriend Sunny Oglesby in Wasilla, Alaska. The couple has a month-old daughter together who also made an appearance in the wedding photos. Levi told reporters he was upset Tripp couldn’t be at the ceremony as well. He wanted his son to be his ringbearer but the Palin’s wouldn’t allow it.

It seems Levi did not envision a traditional wedding as he stammered over the vows, responding to the officiant: “To have and to hold, whatever you say.” He also traded in a tux for a camouflage vest and bowtie. If anyone saw the cover of his memoir you’d get the tie in, but for the wedding? Really? We’re a bit shocked he went with this naturalistic number.

Would you ever consider letting your groom wear camouflage? Tell us below!

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