TGIF: Why We Love “Bride Day” on TLC

Is anyone else with me in anticipating that special moment on a Friday night when it’s time to tune in to “Bride Day” on TLC? What better way to end a long week than watching brides get bullied by their entourage into leaving the salon with no dress (even after Monte “jacks them up”)! It doesn’t get much more addicting than being a distant voyeur in the bridesmaid’s big day of modeling dresses– between oogling Vinni in the overbearing printed ballgown, Chantral in a short purple chiffon number, and Jessica in “whatever she wants” because she’s the best friend.

Nothing compares to that sacred moment on Friday nights when we strip ourselves of our work clothes, order a pepperoni pizza (extra cheese), and uncork that scrumptious bottle of red we picked up on the way home because the label looked cute. I mean really, we just want to end the evening relaxing with either tears in our eyes or yelling at the screen at the mother who is trying to relive her version of the dream wedding through her daughter’s special day. Sadly, our other favorite series “Four Weddings” moved to Thursday– which just isn’t the same. The show groups women who have never met before to attend and judge one other’s weddings in order to win a dream honeymoon. Midweek nights are tough TV nights though, so when we get that alone time with TLC’s brides on Friday, we hunker down and prepare to judge those gowns.

The many personalities of women — and men — surface in these tight times on Laurie’s couch. Whether there’s a 17 year-old maid-of-honor take over, a bride that can’t quite define what “Southern chic” means to anyone but herself, or a man who wants his fiance to look as sexy as possible in a curve-hugging dress, us reality-TV-loving people will rarely wake up Saturday morning disappointed by the previous night’s bridal gown viewing binge. If nothing else, it’s great fodder for conversation at Sunday brunch or for that call with your mother who has of course seen the episode too. Better yet, what’s more fun than saying “Yes to the dress” while in your PJs?

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