Will Angelina Jolie Wear L’Wren Scott on her Wedding Day?

Update: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Married, France!

We’ve heard through the grapevines that Angie has finally picked her wedding dress designer–L’Wren Scott. Scott is not only a celeb favorite, she herself frequents the red-carpet as the girlfriend of Mick Jagger. So she must know a thing or two about A-list dressing.

According to Grazia, Angie was also looking for someone who was not an obvious choice for a wedding designer and thinks Scott best understands her body (long and lean just like the designer herself).

Scott has dressed Angie a couple of times on the red carpet so they already have a working relationship and according to The Daily Mail, fittings should be easy since Scott lives next door to Angela and Brad’s house in Surrey.

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