James Bond Obsessed Couple Spends Over $150,000 on 007 Themed Wedding

You know that saying, “Your day, your way,” well Abdul Hasan, and soon-to-be wife Layla Khatun from the UK took that motto to the extreme with their plans to throw a lavish James Bond themed wedding, complete with a 007 impersonator (the Daniel Craig doppelganger in the photo above).

While most couples might intersperse a mutual love for an action movie through small details like the groom’s cake, cheesy favors, signature martinis (shaken, not stirred), Abdul and Layla are going all out.The couple also spent big bucks on authentic props from former James Bond flicks, like the venue which will be held on a Boeing 747 from Casino Royale at 3,000 ft above London. Plus, the couple will also leave for their honeymoon in the helicopter Pierce Brosnan piloted in Goldeneye.

How would you incorporate your favorite flick into your wedding day?

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