A $20 Million Wedding For KimYe? Here’s How They Should Spend It

Rumor has it that even though Kim and Kanye aren’t engaged (yet!), they’re planning an over-the-top affair to the tune of $20 million! So, we couldn’t resist dreaming up what their totally over-the-top wedding would look like!

Photo: CrystalRoc
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The Invitation

How about a musical wedding invitation? A blinged out ipod from CrystalRoc with Swarovski crystals could hold Kanye and Kim's personal playlists and have a downloadable podcast with all the wedding details.
Photo: Louboutin.com
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The Accessories

These blue Louboutin peep-toe heels would make a fabulous "something blue." Kanye could rock studded black and gray Louboutin throughout the ceremony.
Photo: PninaTornai.com
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The Gown

Kim tried the angelic princess look -- it's time for something with va-va-voom. Sexy low back Pnina Tornai gowns would hug her curves and make a dramatic statement.
Photo: Buzznet.com
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The Groom Style

Trust us, Kanye needs his accessories as well. This Louis Vuitton fur stole is the pinnacle of luxury. To contrast Kim he would wear a black tux (and maybe some stunner shades.)
Photo: Sacksproductions.com
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The Ceremony

A night time wedding is elegant and sexy. Having a demure but striking details would build anticipation for the after party.
Photo: Louboutin.com
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The Second Outfit Accessories

All luxury weddings need an outfit change. For the reception Kim and Kanye could dance the night away in these over-the-top Louboutin shoes.
Photo: VeraWang.com
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The Second Outfit Dress

Showing up in an all black wedding dress from Vera Wang would be a total diva move. Totally unexpected and fashion forward Kim would look unbelievable in a black mermaid-skirt gown.
Photo: Celebuzz.com
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The Second Outfit Tux

If Kim was wearing black, Kanye would should switch to white. The reversal of the colors would make their style pop.
Photo: PrestonBailey.com/
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The Reception

Wow. A jaw-dropping reception site is a must. The ballroom would be the perfect dance floor and the purple lighting is a great balance between feminine and masculine.
Photo: SylviaWeinstock.com
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The Cake

Sylvia Weinstock has to do the cake. Hands down her floral masterpieces are the best.
Photo: UpscaleHype.com
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The Get Away Car

This unbelievable beauty is the 2009 Mercedes-Benz McLauren SLR Stirling Moss. (Quite a name.) Kanye was caught driving it around the Cannes Film Festival and we think driving off in it would be the best ending they could ask for.

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