Bridal-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Get in the spirit of Halloween with these bridal-themed costume ideas. From sexy and scary to downright hilarious, check out these creative ideas. You have one week to recreate the look and find your Frankenstein!

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Bride of Frankenstein

This classic costume has been reinterpreted by many, but the common denominator is always BIG hair. Get a black wig and shroud yourself in white wraps to resemble bandages, or just cut up an old dress and add some dark, dramatic makeup . Friends can get in on this look by being either your monster mate or the crazed doctor.
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Princess Bride

This costume idea borrows from yet another classic though this one is a bit more refined. Add a crown to your princess inspired bridal dress and add a masked man in black named Westley to act as your hero.
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Celebrity Newlyweds (or Divorcees)

Last year Kelly Ripa and Nick Lachey dressed the part of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries – who although newly married, were also just as freshly divorced. This year maybe the couple’s wedding costume to reenact will be Jessica Biel’s and Justin Timberlake’s. All you need is a frothy pink dress and a man in a tux.
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Mail Order Bride

This is one of those costumes you can easily make yourself. Get a bunch of FedEx mailing envelopes together and tape yourself in to create the image of a mail order bride. Lastly, add accessories like a ring, veil and postal stamped bouquet.
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Bride of Chucky

A faux white wedding dress, veil, black leather jacket and black lips will have you looking the part of the Bride of Chucky. Now all you need is to team up with someone to be your freaky counterpart.
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An Ex-Wife

In Mean Girls, Lindsay Lohan showed up at a Halloween party dressed more like a zombie bride than anything else, but she was going for “ex-wife”. In this case, the costume calls for bold lips, fake teeth and a total unkept look—topped with a veil.
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What do you get when a bride and a dinosaur meet? A crazy Bridezilla. Look the part of the bride then add a dinosaur mask, green face paint or claws – our editor Simone Hill chose this for her costume this year (we can't wait to see pictures)!
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Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride

A corseted gown and blue hair are the key components for pulling off the Tim Burton-conceived Corpse Bride. Don’t forget the fresh-from-the-grave makeup!
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Royal Wedding

The Today Show got together last Halloween to recreate the biggest wedding party of the year. Ann Curry and Matt Lauer dressed as Kate and Will and the rest of the team were the family attendees. These costumes can get costly but if executed well, they’re totally worth the effort!

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