Top 10 Most Cliche Marriage Proposals

I’ll be the first to admit that I ogle over every marriage proposal that crosses my desk (see evidence here). And I fully accept that not every proposal is going to be the most over-the-top and unique. So, here’s our version of the top 10 most cliche marriage proposals. Calm down folks, we know they’re cliche for a reason: Because everyone does them and they’re tried and true!

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Via a Jumbotron

No need for explanation here.
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An Airplane Banner

It's always exciting to see these, but what if you miss it -- that's a ton of money that just flew past you. Even worse: What if they spell her name wrong?!
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In Food or Booze

Truth: The ring doesn't come out all sparkly and clean. Then you're fumbling to clean it and make it presentable.
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On Top of a Ferris Wheel

Carnies creep me out.
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On a Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride

The crop and top hat kill the romance for me.
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In a Hot Air Balloon

What if she says no? You're high up in the sky, with someone who turned you down; things could get pretty uncomfortable.
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On a Reality TV Show

Because really, how many of them are still together?
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Faking Death or Horrible Accident

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A Romantic Walk on the Beach

Worst case scenario: You lose the ring in the sand...

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