Our 8 Favorite Wedding Nails From Pinterest!

Photo via Tumblr/Let the sunlight in your heart
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The Modern Manicure

Glitter tips are sure to catch your guest's eyes as you sparkle down the isle.
Created by baddeleyite on Reddit
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The Ring Finger

Keep your nails clean and simple, but make a symbolic statement with that special one.
Photo via madamejulietta.blogspot.com
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Something Blue

Do you have your something blue yet? If you need help, some pretty tiffany blue nails are always a hit.
Photo via crystalscrazycombos.blogspot.com
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Diagonal Diva

Incorporate some geometric trends into your wedding day look with a two-tone glitter and nude nail.
Photo via glitterandnails.blogspot.com
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The Subtle Sparkle

Add some sparkle to your fresh manicure for a classic, yet stylish look.
Originally pinned by Artie Spruill
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Sweet Hearts

A pop of personality is so special. These nails would pair nicely with a vintage or classic wedding day look.
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Sequin Statement Nails

Go glam! Spice up your nails with metallic silver or gold sequins.
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Sparkle French Tips

Take your French manicure to the next level with glitter. These pretty nails are sure to be a showstopper.

If you’re an avid Pinner, or you follow us on Pinterest, you may have seen these on our fab Nails board. But just in case you haven’t or want to see our top picks, check these pretty fingers out! Ideal for personalizing your wedding day look, here are some ideas for you. Don’t forget to check out our other Pinterest boards too!

What are you doing with your nails when you get married? We want to know!

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