After the Wedding: Preserving Your Dress

gown preservation

With all the preparation and planning that goes into the wedding day, you may forget about what to do after all is said and done! Enter: the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists! Their nationwide network of specialists can take care of your dress from cleaning it after the wedding, preserving it and even restoring vintage gowns to their original beautiful condition. ZeroCarbon Wedding Gown Preservations ensures that while their specialists are caring for your gown, the processes that they use will not harm the environment (a big feat when you’re talking about all their cleaning procedures!). And if you’re restoring a vintage gown, they follow standard museum quality practices (so you know you can trust them!). Their MuseumCare Preservation specialists are even endorsed by the Association of Bridal Consultants and more than 70 museums and bridal designers recommend their services. Talk about guaranteed professional service.

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