Awkward Couple Shots

What do two dogs going at it, blindfolds, a boob shot and crying all have in common? They’re all in this slideshow of absolutely awkward brides and grooms.

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A Big Adjustment

"Sometimes you just have to move things around," is what I imagine the groom would say in his own defense.
awkward wedding
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It's almost like the bride is intruding on their private time -- watch the hand placement, big guy!
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Love is All Around

There are no words.
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Loose Lips

I mean, I love my dog, just as much as the next puppy person, but this...this may be crossing the line. Maybe?
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Sneak Peak

"You like what you see, big guy?" Please, it can wait until the wedding night, right? Why the photographer felt the urge to document this moment, is beyond me.
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What self-respecting grown male would willingly subject himself to this?
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Touching Tantrum

We've got ugly criers, folks! You know, the ones who make tons of noise and their faces get all splotchy? (Truth: I'm part of the club, too.)
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Pony Up

I can't think of a logical reason they staged a photo like this -- can you? There's clearly a dominance issue here that needs to be addressed.

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