Awkward Bouquet Tosses

Bouquet tosses have slowly become a thing of the past. Perhaps these photos are evidence as to why the old tradition has gone out of style.

awkward wedding
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Fight Club

This mid-air tackle seems a bit unnecessary considering both these girls are far too young to be the next ones to wed!
awkward wedding
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The Dismantling

This photo makes me want to stay away from any bouquet toss, look at how they're tearing it up! And it gets worse...(see next slide!)
awkward wedding
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The Dismantling (continued)

awkward wedding
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The Bouquet Face

For some reason, bouquet tosses generally involve incredibly awkward (and unflattering) faces. See more evidence on the next slide.
awkward wedding
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The Bouquet Face 2.0

No explanation needed.
awkward wedding
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Prepared for Pickup

This girl couldn't be more ready -- her shoes are off and she's in attack stance.
awkward wedding
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The Toss Up

Ah yes, the staged bouquet toss...yeah, people do that all the time.

Are you having a bouquet toss? Or are you skipping the tradition?

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