10/11/12 Is A Hot Wedding Date!

10/11/12 is a hot wedding date

Today is one of this year’s hottest wedding dates with 4x more weddings registered than a typical Thursday in October. Though over 20,000 couples get married on a typical Saturday in October, the memorable date 10/11/12 was enough to sway over 4,000 couples to have a Thursday wedding.

Choosing a wedding date is important because it’s going to be all over everything from the invitations to the engraved cake server you use for years to come, so it’s no wonder couples are opting for a date that looks and sounds special. Plus you’ll be reminded of it every year on your anniversary!

Past popular wedding dates include 11/11/11 with 24,902 weddings and 9/10/11 with 37,000 weddings. 7/7/7 takes the cake (pun intended!) with 54,054 weddings!

How much do the numbers factor into choosing your wedding date?

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