How We Marry At… XO Group (That’s Us!)

We’re starting a new series on our blog (inspired by How We Dress At… on!). Every week, we’ll feature wedding photos from our favorite companies. What better way to kick it off than with yours truly?! Working at XO Group (that’s the company that owns, and means that weddings are ALWAYS around us. So how does one plan their wedding while working at a place like XO Group? We asked 10 of our most recently married co-workers to share (that’s right — we have 10 recently married and even more engaged)!

Photo: Andreas Holm
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Kristin Giametta, Associate Photo Editor

Married To: Adrian
The Date: July 5, 2012
The Location: Barcelona, Spain
How Working At XO Group Affected Wedding Plans?
"I started at The Knot about halfway through my planning process. Looking through hundreds of other people's wedding photos made me realize how many little wedding details I had not even considered! I definitely got lots of ideas from all the crafty readers out there."
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Ali Mize, Fashion Account Executive, Local Sales

Married To: Byron Turner
The Date: December 31, 2011
The Location: Greensboro, Georgia
How Working At XO Group Affected Wedding Plans?
"I'm the Fashion Account Exec for The Knot so I had major help with my gown. Ines Di Santo designed it for me and mailed it to me about a month before the wedding. No alterations needed!"
Photo: Hal Horowitz
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Sarah Salvatoriello, Associate Art Director, Creative Services

Married To: Clint Higgins
The Date: October 22, 2011
The Location: Highlawn Pavilion, West Orange, NJ
How Working At XO Group Affected Her Wedding Plans?
"It was amazing and terrifying all at the same time. There were so many amazing resources and brains to pick that I sort of had to put on blinders and not second-guess myself. When you're surrounded by stunning weddings all day, it puts a lot of pressure on!"
Photo: Heather Cole
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Jessie Lawton-Crane, Associate Marketing Manager, E-Commerce

Married To: Seung Lee
The Date: May 19, 2012
The Location: People's State Forest, Barkhamsted, Connecticut
How Working At XO Group Affected Wedding Plans?
"If I hadn't been at XO Group when we got engaged, we probably would have just gone to City Hall! A few years of soaking up wedding ideas changed my mind; we're both glad for that, because we ended up with a bouncy castle, a Ben and Jerry's sundae station, and the most amazing day with our family and friends."
Photo: Scott Gunnells
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Jonathan Hawkins, Sr. Manager, SEO & Ecommerce

Married To: Ashley Caudill
The Date: September 17, 2011
The Location: Princeton, New Jersey
How Working At XO Group Affected Wedding Plans?
"Working at XO Group during our wedding year was a lot of fun. In the office, everyone had great ideas and advice which I think really helped us to make good decisions. Outside of the office, when any of our vendors learned where I worked, they were very excited to tell me about how long their business has been listed on The Knot, some of the awards they had won in the past, and if they had met Carley. It’s a pretty awesome feeling when the people you choose to help you create your wedding day are thrilled to tell you how much they appreciate the company you work for. Sometimes it was hard to get back on topic of planning our wedding!"
Photo: BMW Photography
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Elise Kneram, Account Executive, Local Sales

Married To: Brendan Kneram
The Date: June 9, 2012
The Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
How Working At XO Group Affected Wedding Plans?
"Working at XO Group definitely helped with my wedding planning! It gave me knowledge about what to expect from my vendors and it helped me figure out what kind of theme, style, and colors I wanted to have."
Photo: The Design Studio
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Deborah Doke, Events Coordinator, Local Marketing

Married To: Ty Doke
The Date: July 14, 2012
The Location: Erin Court, Lincoln, Nebraska
How Working At XO Group Affected Wedding Plans?
"Working at XO Group gave me more inspiration than I knew what to do with; it was fun trying to figure out which direction we were going in. We focused on telling our love story within the ceremony, and created an atmosphere of classic beauty with touches of 'carefree fun' throughout the reception. It was the wedding of my dreams!"
Photo: Don Hwang
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Kristen Romano, Account Manager, Account Services

Married To: Daniel Sullivan
The Date: August 4, 2012
The Location: Flowerfield, St. James, New York
How Working At XO Group Affected Wedding Plans?
"I joined XO Group just about 1.5 months before my wedding, and to be honest I'm glad it wasn't any earlier than that, or else I would have been even more overwhelmed with planning! The Knot always has the latest and greatest, from the dresses to the decor, you could plan a wedding forever! Now that the wedding is over, The Knot likes to hint at me to spend some more time on The Nest... which is fine by me and the hubby, since we're currently house hunting!"
Photo: Abbey Creative Photography
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Jennifer Hagert, Account Manager, Client Services

Married To: Michael Petrie
The Date: August 18, 2012
The Location: The Rockleigh, Rockleigh, New Jersey
How Working At XO Group Affected Wedding Plans?
"It was very exciting to be surrounded by wedding planning resources, inspirational images along with lots of newly engaged or married colleagues. I felt more prepared and perhaps more selective than if I hadn't worked here!"
Photo: About Love Studio
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Kedra Iden, Account Executive, Local Sales

Married To: Tony Lottis
The Date: September 15, 2012
The Location: Roslyn, Washington
How Working At XO Group Affected Wedding Plans?
"I used to help me find my vendors since I was living in Arizona and planning for a wedding in Seattle. I grew up in Seattle but needed wedding ideas and vendors and really helped guide me in the right direction!"
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