Bridesmaid “Ground Rules” Letter Leaked (Bridezilla-Alert!)

Bridesmaids Cast

To all bridesmaids out there, know your rights! An email leaked by Gawker from a bride-to-be detailed her outlandish expectations of her bridesmaids during the months leading up to her August 13 wedding in Vail, Colorado. Her email listed her “ground rules” to consider before accepting the “honor” of being in the wedding party.

After reading some of her expectations, below, we couldn’t help but wonder who is going to agree to be this woman’s bridesmaid, let alone, friend.

Your Life Is No Longer Your Own

“I would like everyone to send me any dates they are going away or planning to go away… from February to the day of our wedding in August, that way we know not to plan something when your away.”

Money Can’t Be an Issue

“If money is tight and you cant afford to contribute to say the bachelorette party or wont be able to afford a dress etc then L— and Myself don’t have time to deal with that, I’m sorry.”

Dress to Impress ($$$)

“…if you think by affordable its going to be a $25 forever 21 dress then your going to the wrong wedding.”

Be Chained to Your Phone

“I’m not going to harass you with wedding stuff every hour of everyday but if its something important and it takes you a week even 2-3 days to get back to me seeeee ya!”

It’s All or Nothing

“If you don’t think you’ll be able to attend one party but can make the rest of them I’m sorry but I’ll have to take you out as a bridesmaid and put you as a guest.”

And if you’re not sold yet that this will be the most fun wedding you could ever have the honor of attending, then just listen to the bride’s closing statement: “This is really going to be the most epic wedding ever so I hope you girls can share this special day with us!”

Our advice: Pass!

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  • 10/04/12 at 02:22

    hahaha …awkward!

  • 10/04/12 at 03:16

    I read the full email over on Gawker….I couldnt see myself being friends with someone like that, let alone be in the wedding party!

  • Elizabeth Unangst
    10/04/12 at 03:49

    I don’t even know who would even want to go to her “Epic” wedding!! Just by reading an email I would never even wany to be associated with someone like her!

  • hails
    10/04/12 at 03:19

    you should be more upset that the whole world knows you are crazy pants now…

  • Samantha Roberts
    10/04/12 at 04:04

    I was kidding and thinking I was being funny — haha sorry!

  • Stephanie Fraiman
  • Elizabeth Unangst
    10/04/12 at 03:48

    OMG….i would never be this lady’s BM or friend!! I read the entire email on Gawker and cannot believe how someone can be so ignorant!! Her events are all over the country, this is a total disregard of other people…

  • 10/04/12 at 03:55

    Not to mention she cant spell or put a sentence together!! How anyone could be friends with such an illiterate and inconsiderate TYRANT is beyond me.

  • Jenny
    10/04/12 at 05:38

    Loser bride. Let’s go to WalMart instead.

  • 10/06/12 at 01:32

    holy crap, that is terrifying. ah well, karma will make itself known before the end ^.~

  • alaric
    10/08/12 at 01:23

    omg, is this samantha the one??????

  • Samantha Roberts
    10/08/12 at 01:25

    Hahaha Hi Alaric! No I was kidding, definitely single no where close to planning a wedding :) haha

  • 10/08/12 at 02:46


    As the next wedding season approaches, MTV is searching for those that have a calendar full of bridesmaid’s obligations and engagements that range from elegant and over the top to casual and low key for a new documentary. So if you have plans for lots of bridal bingo, bachelorette parties and enough bridesmaids’ dresses to start your own collection, then MTV wants to hear from you! If you appear to be between 18-28 years of age and are in several bridal parties for 2012/2013 weddings, please send your contact info, a video summary of your situation and a recent photo to

  • 10/18/12 at 06:31

    yes, it is honor to attend as the bridesmaid if am invited. I like the bm’s hot pink dresses in illustration.


  • 07/08/13 at 01:57

    I read this on Gawker as well. This chic is seriously off her meds. I mean honestly, I would NEVER want to be her “brideslave” or attend her wedding or be friends with her. Seriously lady?

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