Awkward Wedding Dresses

You’d be surprised that our jobs aren’t all about sitting around and gawking at beautiful dresses (okay, that’s a big part of it), but sometimes we come across awkward gowns like these ones. Enjoy!

awkward wedding
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This is what happens when you take your beach wedding theme too far.
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The Carmen Sandiego Look

Does anyone else see the resemblance?!
awkward wedding
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The Gawker

Ideally you want a dress that offers a wider range of movement without a...wardrobe malfunction. Oh yeah, and one that keeps his eyes *up here.*
awkward wedding
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Graffiti Gown

I can see graffiti art as a great trash the dress session, but for the actual wedding? It makes me cringe.
awkward wedding
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Peek-a-Boo Bride

The number one reason dresses like this one could be considered inappropriate: You're taking photos with family and young kids...
awkward wedding
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Hat Haute

If you need four people with poles to hold your wedding dress (or hat), it's probably not the one.
awkward wedding
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Scantly Clad

Ok, so this definitely doesn't count as a dress, but she has a veil and garter. So she's gotta be a bride, right? What a gentleman of him to hold her bouquet; she has so many other things to worry about...

It’s your turn: Do you have awkward wedding photos? Tweet pictures to me @amanda__black and you could see them next week here! And tell me all about your awkward wedding experiences here. 

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