Holiday Cooking Heirarchy (Love and Latkes)

Matzah Ball Soup

Today’s post is in honor of the Jewish high holidays that of the past few weeks, the traditional Jewish wedding I’m planning and my future Jewish wife-hood (did I mention I’m Jewish?).

Now, what comes hand in hand with Jewish holidays is, of course, food and for the case of the specific story I’m about to tell — the most traditional of all, matzah ball soup! For my entire life, the matzah balls have always been made by my great aunt Tia Adela and my mom. They are a strong two-woman team who didn’t need help from anyone else. Every holiday as far back as I can remember, as soon as everyone arrives, the matzah ball cooking commences and once they go into the pot to cook, we sit down for course number one. I have always wanted to help with this, especially in recent years as I’ve become a more proficient cook. I also love the idea of learning family recipes and storing them for later use to teach my future children about our traditions.

I was home in Florida for Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year) two weeks ago to celebrate with my family and the most exciting thing happened! I moved up the holiday cooking hierarchy and was allowed to help with the matzah balls. Now, for my sister and me, the most we’ve ever been allowed to do is help bring food to and from the table and maybe make a dessert, so this was a major promotion.

As I helped stir the mix, my aunt told me all about adding a little of this and a little of that (no standard measuring units here!) and I started to learn the process, to my sister Sam’s chagrin. She finally asked why I was allowed to help all of a sudden and the answer was because I’m getting married so I have to learn. Sam took this in stride and it was even her idea that I write this as a post.

So this got me thinking, who else out there has now been allowed to do certain things now that they are engaged? I’d love to hear from you on what family traditions are now passed down, if any, or if in your family, it’s just an age thing, not a marital status thing? Chime in in the comments!