Awkward Groomsmen Photos

We gave you awkward bridesmaid photos, so it only seemed right that we make it even and track down some awkward groomsmen shots.

awkward wedding
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Run Forest, Run!

In my mind "Eye of the Tiger" is playing with this photo. But, in a really awkward way. You know?
awkward wedding
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Follow the Leader?

Do you think he expected all his groomsmen to jump with him? Probably...
awkward wedding
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Groomsmen Gone Wild

I understand this photo was meant to be funny, but here's my problem with it: One, it's not flattering to any of the guys (think about it). And two, some of them took it way too seriously with their faces and stances, making it a little too creepy for me.
awkward wedding
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Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

Yes, the groomsmen are pretending to levitate the groom. That is all.
awkward wedding
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Rock On!

When it comes to air instruments, I definitely prefer playing some rockin' air flute and tuba. They're way cooler than air guitar.
awkward wedding
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Emotional Roller Coaster

Awkward contest: Who wins -- the emo guy in the back, or the groom? Personally, I think this one took teamwork.

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