Cheese Wheel Wedding Cakes! Would You Do It?

Cheese enthusiasts and dairy lovers everywhere rejoice: Cheese wheel wedding cakes have been popping up on Pinterest and real weddings across the internet. I’m typically wary of anything cheesy at a wedding, but this is an exception! I contacted Jan Kish, owner of Le Petite Fleur bakery in Ohio and Cypress Grove Chèvre cheese makers in California to do a little digging on the subject of cheese wedding cakes.

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Savory Cheese Cake by Jan Kish of La Petite Fleur Bakery

Jan Kish has been offering "savory cakes" since 2002, including her cakes made of cheese. Jan noted that cheese cakes are the perfect option for couples who must have a low or sugar-free diet, gluten allergy, or other dietary restrictions. Jan constructs her cheese cakes with the similar internal support system to traditional cakes, with softer cheeses on top, and serves them with sides like red-pepper jelly.
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Cheese Cake by Cypress Grove Chèvre

Cypress Grove Chèvre offers kits of their goat cheeses so that couples can work with event designers or florists to design their own custom cakes. Designs can incorporate flowers and fruits or decor items such as ribbon, to make the cakes wedding-worthy. Cyprus Grove Chèvre advises bringing wax paper to the wedding, so that guests can wrap up the extra cheese and take it home afterwards.
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A Rustic Take on Cake

These cheese cakes also tend to have a very rustic, earthy, and organic look to them so they're perfect if that's your style.
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Just As Beautiful As Traditional Cakes

It's hard to believe that underneath all of that beauty is delicious cheese! These cakes are far from your grocery store Kraft singles. If you're going for a cheese cake you don't have to sacrifice on style.
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Not Just For Dessert Either

Both Jan Kish and Cypress Grove Chèvre noted that though they are seeing some couples completely replace their traditional cakes with cheese cakes, many couples are serving them in addition to your standard sugary dessert cake at the wedding. Personally, I see nothing wrong with two cake cuttings, one during a wine and cheese cocktail hour and another with a sweet cake for dessert.
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A Floral Cheese Cake

Presentation is everything, so we love the pop of color here from the flowers, grapes and of course, crackers.

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