Couple Gets the Chance of A Wedding Re-Do with Celeb Planner Mindy Weiss

Lorraine gets a wedding re-do Photo:

Here’s a heartwarming story for a gray day: 30 years ago Lorraine Arvizu spent most of her wedding day in a darkened room instead of on the dance floor with her new husband due to a crippling migraine. Today, September 19, she’ll get the chance to re-do her wedding day  and renew her vows with the help of Mindy Weiss, who planned Nicole Richie and Joel Madden’s nuptials in 2010.

Lorraine suffers from a chronic migraine condition and won the opportunity to relive her wedding day by submitting her story to the Rewrite Your Day initiative sponsored by Allergan, Inc., the National Headache Foundation, and Healthy Women. Migraines meant Lorraine even had to skip the cake because the throbbing pain made her too nauseas to eat.

This time around, Lorraine will get to have her cake and eat it too.