6 Celebs You Don’t Want Crashing Your Wedding

What do Justin Bieber, President Obama, Taylor Swift and Queen Elizabeth II have in common? They have all made headlines this year crashing weddings. While many brides wouldn’t be angry if these celebs crashed their wedding day — check out our list of celebrities that you don’t want showing up unannounced at your wedding.

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Microphone-Stealing Kanye West

If Kanye West crashed your wedding, your dad better hold on to that microphone a little bit tighter during his toast. Kanye could try and grab it from him -- just like he did to Taylor Swift in 2009.
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Tom Cruise Jumping onto Your Sweetheart Table

Just what you and your new hubby want -- Tom Cruise jumping on tables during your five-course dinner or his Scientology crew joining in on the dance floor. Well, maybe that would be funny to see.
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#Winning Charlie Sheen

Your day does not need Charlie Sheen announcing he is #winning all over your reception. Charlie, you can't win at everything.
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Take the Keys Away From Lindsay Lohan

If Lindsay showed up at your wedding, it's immediately time to light those sparklers for your send-off. Just make sure your chauffeur is not LiLo -- she doesn't have the best driving record.
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When Shaun White Celebrates -- He Pulls Fire Alarms

Shaun White was arrested this year after getting out of control celebrating with family and friends in Nashville. You don't want the fire department to show up when Shaun pulls all the fire alarms! (Well, maybe your bridesmaids would want this).
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Simon, Don't Judge Me!

Simon Cowell would make his opinions known on everything from your wedding dress, to the band. Let's be honest, he'd probably even find something wrong with the candy bar.

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