DIY Flower Crown (Fashionista Bride)

I have been in love with flower crowns ever since I spotted one on an adorable California bride. I made my own flower crown for my Bohemian engagement photo session, and I’m sure there will be others on my wedding planning journey!

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DIY Flower Crown

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I used a bouquet of assorted fresh flowers from a local grocery store, but most any flower will work. Baby's breath is a cheap alternative and always looks beautiful. All you need: 1. Scissors 2. Assorted fresh flowers 3. Floral wire
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Step 1: Bend the Wire to Make a Crown

Bend the wire to make a crown that fits the size of your head (I doubled my wire in order to make it stronger).
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Step 2: Wrap The Wire Around a Flower

Wrap the wire around the base of a fresh flower, leaving a tail at the end.
Wrap the remaining wire around the crown making sure the flower is attached.
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Step 3: Wrap Up The Rest Of The Wire

Sometimes it is necessary to use extra wire to ensure the flower is securely attached to the crown
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Step 4: Repeat!

Repeat steps 2 and 3 using another fresh flower.
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Step 5: Continue Around The Crown

Continue until the entire crown is covered with fresh flowers.
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The Finished Floral Crown

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