Awkward Wedding Kisses

When it comes to the perfect wedding kiss, practice makes perfect. But often times, you can’t help what others are doing around you. Watch out for these awkward situations when you go in for the smooch.

awkward wedding
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Peeping Reverend

I don't know what part is more awkward, the fact that the groom has a mullet or that the officiant seems to be enjoying this part of the vow ceremony a little too much?
awkward wedding
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You know how awkward it is to kiss with your eyes open...while your kids are watching? This awkward.
awkward wedding
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Family Affair

Now you know what it looks like when your photographer asks everyone in your family to start making out. In other words...don't do this!
awkward wedding
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Parental PDA

*Please make my parents stop kissing. Please make my parents stop kissing.*
awkward wedding
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Village Voyeurs

If you ever had any doubts that your bridal party was jealous of your 'happily ever after' scenario, this photo is proof that it's always there.
awkward wedding
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Blushing Bride

Either this kiss was totally unexpected, or the bride is on the verge of repulsion with her groom.
awkward wedding
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On the Sidelines

Junior, here, isn't to excited to have a new mommy (or daddy) in his life.
awkward wedding
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Ravenous and Reluctant

Ok, I admit this probably should have gone with the awkward engagement photos post, but it fits here too. Come on man, you're not going to find your dinner in her ear!

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