Best Man Fail

groom searches for lost wedding band at the ceremony Photo:

Uhh, bottoms up? We couldn’t help ourselves from posting this photo, here’s the story behind it:

One best man fumbled big time when he lost the bride’s wedding band during the ceremony. Way to drop the ball, err, ring, butterfingers! As you can see, the best man and groom got down on hands and knees to search for the band, which seemed to vanish after hitting the floor.

The groom and groomsmen were wearing traditional Scottish kilts, so let’s just hope there wasn’t a draft in the church because it’s customary for men to go nude underneath!

After several minutes of searching while the ceremony was on hold, the mother-of-the-bride stepped in and offered her wedding band as a place holder. This story ends on a happy note at least, the vicar returned to the church afterward and eventually found the wedding band lodged in a crack in the floor.

For more details on this wedding mishap read the full article from The Huffington Post UK

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