Looking for a Discounted Wedding? Hire The Wedding Broker

reception Photo: Chris Bailey Photography

One business woman is taking the lemon-to-lemonade approach to wedding planning with her new company. Here’s how it works: A couple calls off their wedding and Bridal Brokerage helps that couple sell their wedding plans to another couple looking for a discount.  In theory, both parties win out because it’s often difficult to get your money back from vendors and venues with short notice and there are many couples who could benefit from pre-made wedding plans as Byrne points out in her video.

From the Small Business blog on the New York Times Blog: “The problem is no one ever talks about what happens when the bride and groom don’t go through with it,” say Lauren Byrne the founder of Bridal Brokerage.

We’ll keep an eye on Lauren Byrne and Bridal Brokerage to see if brokering canceled wedding idea takes off.

Below, watch Byrnes pitch to the New York Times’ business strategist Carol Roth: